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The Round Table is encouraging our members to attend the Underground Railroad  History Project LibertyCon 2018 – Embracing Equity in a Global Society.

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The elected slate of officers and board members for 2018 are as follows:
President: Erin Baillargeon
Vice-President: Mark Koziol
Treasurer: Steven Muller
Secretary: Rosemary Nichols
At-Large: J.J. Jennings
At-Large: Nick Thony
At-Large: Art Henningson

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1. Civil War Trust – Fredericksburg –
$1000 for 26.02:1 match for $26,020
2. Central Virginia Battlefield Trust for $35
3. Underground Railroad History Project for $100
4. Civil War Trust – Shiloh, Bentonville, Stones River
$1000 for 15.71:1 match for $15,710
5. Civil War Trust – Gettysburg
$500 for 4.3:1 match for $2150

Today In Civil War History

Fleetwood Hill Editorial from the Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg
Dear Capital District CWRT,

I wanted to pass along a recent editorial from the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, highlighting the beauty and importance of the Fleetwood Hill battlefield at Brandy Station – the 33 acres of land that you helped to save earlier this year.

Thank you, again, for your tremendous support in saving this land. Your efforts truly have already made a difference.

Best wishes for the Holiday season,
Molly Nesbitt
Development Associate | Civil War Trust



Another letter of appreciation from the Civil War Trust for our contribution efforts to the Antietam battlefield

Dear Friends,

“Amazing!” “Incredible!” “Astonishing!” These are the words Jim Lighthizer has been using to describe your response to the opportunity to save 44 acres at the epicenter of the Antietam battlefield. Thanks to your overwhelmingly positive reply, I’m able to let you know that you’ve done it – you have saved the Antietam Epicenter!

You saw from the maps how vital it was to preserve this small but incredibly vital piece of land in the middle of a battlefield that saw more casualties in one day than any other day in United States history. You believed in us to be good stewards of your passion, and we at the Civil War Trust are so grateful for your trust.

This section of the Battle of Antietam will now be part of a pristine battlefield forever because of YOU. This land will eventually be incorporated into the surrounding Antietam National Battlefield Park, and stewarded by the National Park Service. No McMansion will be built on this benchmark of American history.

America now has a more perfect Antietam battlefield because you fought to save this hallowed ground. Thank you.

Emma Quarnstrom
Development Associate, Stewardship | Civil War Trust
1156 15th Street NW, Suite 900  Washington DC, 20005
(p) 202.367.1861 ext 7226  (e)

CIVIL WAR TRUST  |  Saving America’s Civil War Battlefields | civilwar.org

Civil War Trust Letter of Appreciation
Dear Capital District CWRT,
What an amazing response to our call for help at the “Bookends of Brandy Station”! You have done it once more; I can officially announce to you that we have closed on the crucial 33 acres at Fleetwood Hill! Together, you and I have ensured that this land will never be developed, and are now closer than ever to saving the entirety of Fleetwood Hill.

Your dedication is overwhelming and encouraging. With your support and the help of local organizations, the Civil War Trust has been able to save over 1,900 acres of the Brandy Station battlefield, the opening clash of the Gettysburg Campaign. I cannot thank you enough.

Your legacy will live on through this battlefield land, which can now be kept pristine for all future generations to honor and learn from.

Thank you for being a battlefield preservation champion – and thank you for rallying to save Fleetwood Hill at Brandy Station!

Sincerely yours,
Emma Quarnstrom
Development Associate, Stewardship | Civil War Trust
1156 15th Street NW, Suite 900  Washington DC, 20005
(p) 202.367.1861 ext 7226  (e)

The Civil War in COLOR for the first time: Painstakingly remastered images of a divided America that recreate era in amazing detail.  Click here.



See the January newsletter for our recent contributions.

Although this was never a goal when the CDCWRT first started donating monies for preservation activities, by 2003 it became an unofficial goal to top one million dollars in actual funds plus matching funds. We had hoped to do this during the Sesquicentennial, and we have achieved that target by the end of 2012. Over the years, many people have contributed their time and energies to attain this goal. At the national level, the efforts of the Civil War Trust in brokering matching deals, has contributed to the lion’s share of this figure.



Epic story of conflict and courage

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Founded in 1984, the Capital District Civil War Round Table is a non-profit, tax exempt educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.  Our purpose is to foster education, awareness and respect for America's historic heritage, with special focus on the Civil War period.  We are dedicated to the preservation of Civil War sites nationwide, and we are a lifetime member of the Civil War Trust (CWT).  We currently have over 150 members.  Click here for more information.