Ronald D. Kirkwood

Author Ron Kirkwood discussed his book "Too Much for Human Endurance: The George Spangler Farm Hospitals and the Battle of Gettysburg." Kirkwood talked about the central the Spangler farm played in the battle, Civil War amputations, and environmental toll the battle on on the Spangler property. 

Mark Will-Weber

Was secession fueled by alcohol, did Lincoln drink, did Grant drink too much, was FDR really a beer a drinker? Weber talks about this and much more in this podcast recorded at Albany Distilling Company.

Tom Huntington, Eric Wittenberg, James Hessler, and Garry Adelman

A special audio documentary featuring your favorite Gettysburg authors talking about their books. 

Rachel Shelden and Amy Murrell Taylor

Professor Rachel Sheldon talked about her book Washington Brotherhood: Politics, Social Life, and the Coming of the Civil War and Professor Amy Murrell Taylor discussed her brand new book Embattled Freedom: Journeys through the Civil War's Slave Refugee Camps

Christopher Klein - When the Irish Invaded Canada

Author Christopher Klein talked about his book When the Irish Invaded Canada: The Incredible True Story of the Civil War Veterans Who Fought for Ireland's Freedom. Just after the Civil War, Irish veterans tried to gain Ireland's independence by seizing the British province of Canada

Enrico Dal Lago - Civil War and Agrarian Unrest

Professor Enrico Dal Lago talked about his book Civil War and Agrarian Unrest: The Confederate South and Southern Italy. Dal Lago offers a fresh perspective of the American Civil War by comparing and connecting it to the agrarian uprising that occurred in Southern Italy during Italian unification in the 1860s.

Chuck Veit - Brutus de Villeroi

Naval historian Chuck Veit talked about his book Natural Genius: Brutus de Villeroi and the U. S. Navy's First Submarine. Veit discussed the history of the submarine and the life of French inventor Brutus de Villeroi, the man responsible for building the U. S. Navy's first submarine in 1861.

Tim Wiles - Nineteenth-Century Baseball

Tim Wiles, the former director of research at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and current director of the Guilderland Public Library, talked about his time in Cooperstown, the Doubleday Myth, Troy native Johnny Evers, the story behind 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game,' and much more.

David Hochfelder - The Telegraph in America: 1832-1920

Historian and engineer David Hochfelder talked about his book The Telegraph in America: 1832-1920. The telegraph was a "revolutionary technology" with "far-reaching effects on American life." Hochfelder discussed Samuel Morse, the telegraph in the Civil War, the rise of Western Union, and more.

Patrick Schroeder - The 5th New York and Lee's Surrender

Appomattox Court House National Historical Park historian Patrick Schroeder talked about the 5th New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry, the Appomattox campaign, and Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House.

Harold Holzer - Daniel Chester French

Harold Holzer talked about his new book Monument Man: The Life & Art of Daniel Chester French. French was "one of America's most prolific sculptors of public monuments," creating The Minute Man in Concord, Harvard University's John Harvard, and the statue of Abraham Lincoln for the Lincoln Memorial.

Gene Barr - A Civil War Captain and His Lady

Union soldier Josiah Moore met Jennie Lindsay just before he left for war in 1861. Through the course of the war, they exchanged 75 letters which Gene Barr chronicles in this touching account of their love story. 

Norman K. Dann - Gerrit Smith

Gerrit Smith biographer Norman K. Dann discussed his book Practical Dreamer: Gerrit Smith and the Crusade for Social Reform. Recorded from Smith's Land Office in Peterboro, New York, Dann talked about Smith's activism, philanthropy, involvement in politics, and his relationship with John Brown.

Robert Conner - General Gordon Granger

Author Robert Conner discussed his books General Gordon Granger: The Savior of Chickamauga and the Man Behind Juneteenth and The Last Circle of Ulysses Grant. Recorded from Grant Cottage Civil War Weekend, the podcast covered Granger's life and his complicated relationship Ulysses Grant

Paul Perrault - Elmer Ellsworth

Paul Perreault discussed the life and death of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth. He became famous touring the country with the Chicago Zouaves and when the Civil War broke out, he raised a regiment of New York City firefighters. Ellsworth would become the first officer killed during the war. 

Civil War Pornography and Hood's Texas Brigade

Judith Giesberg discussed her book Sex and the Civil War: Soldiers, Pornography, and the Making of American Morality and Susannah Ural talked about her book Hood's Texas Brigade: The Soldiers and Families of the Confederacy's Most Celebrated Unit. 

Mike McCarthy - General Gouvenour K. Warren

Mike McCarthy talked about his book Confederate Waterloo: The Battle of Five Forks, April 1, 1865, and the Controversy that Brought Down a General. Though Five Forks was a Union victory, General Warren was relieved of his command. Learn how he fought the rest of his life to reclaim his reputation. 

Chris Mackowski - Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse

Author and historian Chris Mackowski discusses the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, the contentious relationship between Grant, Meade, and Sheridan, and the Emerging Civil War blog.

Capital District Civil War Round Table Podcast